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Personal Attorney Services

Depend on hard work and dedication from Murray & Murray to earn the settlement you deserve. We specialize in civil and property cases for clients throughout the Randolph, New Jersey, area. Divorce is emotionally stressful, which is why we give your case special attention and keep your children's well-being in mind.

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Divorce Settlements

Divorce usually means a family is in crisis. During these difficult times, you and your children require special attention and prompt solutions to complex issues. The stakes are simply too high to hire an average attorney, family friend, or lawyer who doesn't specialize in divorce law. Additionally, unfair outcomes are hard to overturn. 

While always remaining focused on your interests, we explain how to preserve and protect marital assets pending trial, fairly value and divide property, determine a reasonable amount for alimony and child support, and receive temporary support or custody of your children. Our attorneys also offer compassionate support for domestic violence situations.

Real Estate Closings

Close real estate deals smoothly by working with Murray & Murray. We properly negotiate the fairest amount and strive to keep the deal together, rather than having it fall apart. Our trained staff maintains frequent contact with clients, the REALTORS®, and your lending institution. This allows you to concentrate on non-legal matters, such as arranging movers and coordinating the closing date.